Friday, June 12, 2015

New Entry Since I've Been Away For A While

It has been a while...

Lama sungguh tak bersiaran di sini.

Rindu nak menaip, nak meluahkan perasaan, sebab blog ni salah satu medium untuk aku luahkan perasaan selain dari Encik Tingkerbell aku.

Well, cut to the chase.

Sekarang, aku aktif update instagram je. Post anything on ig with long caption or short caption. And sometimes, no caption at all. Do follow me at @askniealias. :)

I do admire this one writer, who wrote nice things on his facebook. Noble thing he did or anything he sees. I do love his writing. Inspire me to do good things, help people. I want to write like him too, it's just that, I can't find anything interesting to write.

Coz, I face the same thing every day. Somehow I feel how short time it is, when you do the same old thing each and every single day.

I woke up, send my kids to nursery, go to work, do my job, bla bla bla. Go home by 5, pick up my kids, bought food for my family (sure I didn't have time to cook, duh!) wait for my hubs to come home, had dinner together, pack bags for kids tomorrow, watch tv, clean up the messes on table, clean the dishes, got tired, get my kids on bed, go to sleep. And the same thing all over again for 5 days!

Of course routine change on Saturday and Sunday but still, same thing every week if we didn't go out on weekends.

Actually good thing happens every day, it's just that we didn't realize how good it is, or too blind to see the good in it.

Maybe I can try to share anything or post nice things from now onwards.

Wish me luck!

Thank you for spending time reading this entry yaw!

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